The independent privately owned Swedish company BM Agri was founded in 2003 by Mats and Britt-Marie Eriksson, still today the main shareholders. BM Agri is mainly trading with grain, rapeseed and fertilzers.

Grain and rapeseed

Every year BM Agri is exporting more and more tonnage of crops from Sweden to markets abroad. Currently our largest export crops are malting barley and winterwheat on coasters. We’re also exporting rapeseed, oats and feeding crops.

If you’re interested in buying crops from us in Sweden, please contact our Key Account Manager Mr. Kenneth Normark at, or +46(0)70-915 66 10, or Mr. Per-Arne Gustavsson, CEO.


BM Agri buys fertlizers from different producers abroad and ship it into Sweden. BM Agri also buys fertilizers within Sweden from Yara and Belor.

If you are interested in selling fertilizer to us please contact Mr. Mats Eriksson at or +46(0)703-45 60 40.

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